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Recent courses:

E106 | Women & Satire: From Juvenal to the Vagina Monologues | Spring 2014

E210 | Casuistry, Conduct & Clarissa | Fall 2013

E102B | The Problem of hte New | Spring 2013

E102B | Thinking about Self | Winter 2013

E102B | Restoration and Revolution: 1660-1700 | Fall 2011

E210 | Women, Prescriptive Authority, & Equity | Fall 2011

E102B | Dilemmas, political, religious, spiritual, moral: 1649-1725 | Spring 2009

E210 | Divided Interests: dismembering and re-membering the body politic in the culture of the Restoration | Winter 2009

Humanities CORE: Thinking, Making, & Doing | Fall 2007, 2008, 2009

The Eighteenth Century Research in eighteenth-century studies has been made remarkably more democratic by the availability of texts from EEBO & ECCO and of articles from JSTOR, MUSE, LION, & 18th-c. Journals, etc. These sites are complemented by such sites as the NYPL Digital Gallery and the OED. This "democratic turn" is widely enabling, and to a certain degree it levels the field of inquiry for faculty, graduate students and undergraduates. Libraries are still wonderful. Reading Sarah Scott's letters at the Huntington or Mary Astell's The Christian Religion, as Profess'd by a Daughter of the Church of England at the Clark is still a remarkable experience, but the wide availablility of Jeremy Taylor's Ductor Dubitantium, for example, or an anti-Bunyan pamphlet, Dirt Wip'd Off, brings the evidence of the past into view in a way that de-mystifies research.

Gardening in southern California begins with a design but is sometimes said to depend mostly on judicious pruning. But that's not really all. Some plants die, despite all care. Idria columnaris, for example (aka "boojum tree") won't tolerate water in the winter, which is the only time it rains in southern California. It grows extremely slowly and it survives here if it's situated so that the water can run off. We watched two die after a couple of years (though they are successfully grown at UCI's Arboritum and at the Huntington). But when you lose even rare or very slow-growing plants, unless you simply neglected them, there's no debt or blame.
In this website, all the colors come from the garden.

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