Pendulous Cymbidium
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CymbidiumPendulous cymbidium--03/06
Dasilyrion longissima--getting ready to bloom.



"Upland" on Tustin in Orange is a wonderful nursery. It's narrow and a mile long, though part of the area is not open to customers. It's a growing as well as a showing nursery.


My backyard always feels like a "real" place--like the ocean. Finch feeding little mouths

Falling Euphorbia ingens
Euphorbia ingens

















Pendulous Cymbidum-March 2006  
Hibiscus I'm always forgetting the name of hibiscus.  

Uncarina decaryii
Uncarina decaryii
I had this plant for 5 years before it bloomed.


Not everything blooms at once.

The pendulous cymbidium and uncarina decaryii came in March/April, the azalias and camilias in December, January.

The backyard in fall
Dasylirion longissima

Cymbidium planted in the ground against all advice
Cymbidium - planted in the ground in the back yard, against all advice

"Rogers" is also a good nursery, a little expensive but reliable--and very good for roses. It's a good place to get ideas, and it has educational events; but it's a showing rather than a growing nursery.
"Laguna Hills Nursery" is great for trees, roses, succulents, and information.
"Armstrong's" is also quite good. I like the one on PCH.
"Cactus King," in Encinitas, used to be wonderful. The people who worked there knew everything It's just a little south of where you turn east to go to the Wild Animal Park. But something has happened, to the plants and the people.

Geijira trunk
Azalia under geijira
  Backyard, after DG
A closer view

Joshua Bradley - Hybrid Tea
  Walkway Hare and turtle
Looking toward the house
The new Dasylirion longissima

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