Our cabin on the banks of the rushing Metolius.
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NorthWestward Ho!:

Hank and Barbara
(finally) visit
The Metolius River

7-9 September 2005

Wednesday, September 7

We picked up our rental car and, after a short stop for basic groceries (including a six-pack of Black Butte Porter!), we headed east on Rte 20 toward Camp Sherman. Corvallis is located on an extensive flatland, but it didn't take long for us to enter the Cascade Range and start climbing.

Following La Rosa's suggestion, we made a side trip along Rte 126 and stopped for lunch at Clear Lake.

While sitting on the sunlit shore of Clear Lake, Barb starts extricating the bread, jelly and peanut butter from the depths of her trusty backpack.

After lunch we continued a few more miles on Rte 126 to the beautiful Sahalie Falls, where the McKenzie River makes a dramatic 100-foot drop over a lava cliff....
A short hike from there along the Waterfall Trail followed the roaring McKenzie River....

...providing us with views of icy blue pools....

...and leading us to Koosah Falls, a 70-foot cascade.

We arrived at the Metolius River Lodge in time to pick up some matches and fixings for dinner at the nearby Camp Sherman General Store before they closed, thus saving us from second round of PBJs!

Thursday, September 8

After breakfast, we hiked to the head of the Metolius, a large spring where the river emerges from the ground. No one knows for certain where the water comes from, but the Metolius maintains a steady flow at a constant temperature all year round.

From the nearby Wizard Fish Hatchery, we hiked along the Metolius in search of another spectacular spring.

Thanks to the excellent signage in the area, we city slickers had no trouble finding our way.

Unfortunately, a monstrous nest of yellow jackets obstructed the trail before we reached our destination. That night we made a plan to foil the little buggers by approach the springs from the opposite end of the trail!....

on to Bend...