McWay Creek Falls in Julia Pfeiffer-Burns State Park.
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NorthWestward Ho!:

Hank and Barbara
return to
Big Sur, California

19-20 September 2005

Monday, September 19

It was hard to bid farewell to the Coast Guard House. Thanks, Kevin and Mia (and Winston!) for making us feel so much at home!

The drive along the coast through Sonoma County abounded with twists, turns, climbs, descents, fog, sun, and (of course)...

...fog, fog, and more fog... times it felt like we were at the top of the world!

We encountered some local residents along the way...

A mother gull and her baby wisely flee the noisy taunts of a thoughtless boy.

...but they didn't stick around long enough for us to find out what it's like to live in such a place. Too bad.

All too soon, we came to Bodega where we left Hwy 1 temporarily, opting instead for a more efficient, if less scenic, route (the 101) to San Rafael and lunch with Aaron!

Lo-o-oved walking through the studio, seeing all the new work on the walls, finding old Polar Express favorites posted here and there, and chatting with the artists while we waited for our digital photos to download on Aaron's computer.

From San Rafael, we stayed on the 101, and crossed over the ever-magnificent Golden Gate bridge into San Francisco. The drive through the city was effortless and we quickly found ourselves back on Hwy 1, heading to our evening's destination: Cabin 17 at the Ripplewood Resort in Big Sur.

We must be ready to go home. We're taking fewer pictures!

on to Irvine ...